2021-2024年战略计划 | 全球电子游戏平台大全 | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia



Rising with our regions; connecting to the world

Our vision is to be Australia’s premier regional university. Our strategic plan outlines how we will achieve this vision. 作为一所以社区为中心的高等教育机构,全球官网电子游戏的历程取得了非凡的成就. The University was founded in 1996 by, and for, the community.

全球电子游戏平台大全’s aspiration has been to partner with regions as they grew and developed, 提供新的功能, build capacity and form strategic partnerships to support local success. 虽然该地区已经扩大, with USC facilities now located across South East Queensland, 社区重点保持不变. 作为一所有特色的区域性大学,应对成长和成熟的非排他性挑战仍然是全球官网电子游戏决策的背景.

The world today is in transition more than any time in the last 25 years. There are deep economic, societal and environmental changes occurring. These impact the roles and responsibilities of the University in the community. Australians are reconsidering their life balance, and with this comes fundamental questions:

  • What is the future of work and what does it mean to be job-ready?
  • 全球官网电子游戏如何可持续地生活?
  • What should Australia’s sovereign capabilities be?
  • 人们如何参与教育、就业和人类服务,并获得公平的机会?
  • What are the hallmarks of a fair Australian society?
  • 教育的未来是什么?

联科委员会必须继续反映当代对澳大利亚及其各区域的理解,并在解决这些问题方面发挥重要作用. 这样做的时候, 全球官网电子游戏确保本地区处于最佳位置,能够利用机遇,应对新出现的挑战,以实现繁荣和繁荣.

全球电子游戏平台大全的战略计划 2021-2024 has been developed in consultation with 工作人员 and other key stakeholders. 全球电子游戏平台大全 has considered our commitment to respect, protect and promote human rights when developing the strategies that are included in this plan. The Strategic 计划 also reflects Unite and Recover, the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community.


1. 机会

Inspire more people to achieve their ambitions through education.

全球电子游戏平台大全 will support more people to achieve their ambitions by improving tertiary education access, 参与和成功.


1.1 Increase participation and support life-long learning through streamlined access pathways, 多样化的学习选择, 和合作伙伴.



  • 学生入学人数增加.
  • 改善学生体验.
  • Improved student retention rate compared to national benchmark.

2. 就业能力

Enable more people to work, contribute, and innovate in their local and global communities.

全球电子游戏平台大全 will help our graduates become skilled, future-ready, 对社会负责, entrepreneurial and in-demand contributors to their communities, 不管他们在哪里, whether working for themselves or for others, 在有偿或自愿的工作中.


2.1 Develop quality curricula that supports student success.

2.2 .扩大和加强与工作结合的学习机会,使毕业生更容易进入就业市场.

2.3 Build 全球电子游戏平台大全’s organisational capability to enable improved graduate employability outcomes.


  • 改善毕业生就业结果.
  • 学生完成率提高.
  • 提高雇主满意度.

3. 研究影响

Produce 研究 outcomes that make a difference.

全球电子游戏平台大全会改变全球官网电子游戏当地的, national and international communities by undertaking 研究 that is strategically aligned, 区域效益和



3.2发展壮大, 协作和富有成效的研究伙伴关系有助于真正的创新和知识的产生,并为最终用户带来持续的利益.

3.3 .建立包括HDR学生和研究人员在内的研究人员发展框架,鼓励创新的开发和应用, 相关和有用的研究.

  • Improved ERA performance (with annual target for improved publication citation impact).
  • 提高参与和影响绩效(制定相关HERDC收入类别的年度目标).

4. 订婚

Empower communities to thrive through dynamic and productive partnerships.

通过打造强大的工业,联合国国际信息中心可以帮助推动全球官网电子游戏社区的繁荣和人类潜力的增长, 政府, 区域和全球伙伴关系.



4.2 .通过与区域优先事项一致,为每个联纳大学校区实现独特的身份和贡献.

4.3 Initiate and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations, 本地及全球, 它们与, 并为, 全球电子游戏平台大全’s teaching and 研究 areas of focus.

4.4 .加强联合国大学有效参与的组织能力,并确保公众定位反映联合国大学的战略抱负.

  • 改善区域影响.
  • 维持或改进的性能
    Times Higher Education’s university global impact assessment.

5. 基础设施

Build a contemporary, sustainable, accessible university.

全球电子游戏平台大全 can ensure our assets are fit-for-purpose, 通过创建一个面向未来的大学,以适当的数字和实体基础设施和可持续的商业模式为基础,可持续发展,并向所有社区开放.



5.2 Re-envision 全球电子游戏平台大全 campuses to reflect student, 工作人员, community and environmental sustainability aspirations.

5.3 Create a University digital strategy that aligns with, 和促进, contemporary digital practices and expectations.

5.4 .通过将创新机会与国际联合大学的教学和研究活动结合起来,使基础设施投资最大化.

  • Increased revenue associated with 全球电子游戏平台大全’s core business activities of teaching and 研究.
  • Maintain or reduce carbon dioxide emission levels.
  • Infrastructure and procurement activities are leveraged to develop teaching, 研究, and commercialisation opportunities with industry partners.

6. 人和文化




6.2 Develop capability at all levels of the organisation to foster expertise, encourage contemporary practice and realise the full potential of our people.

6.培养道德修养, 尊重, cooperative and collaborative culture that crosses geographic and departmental boundaries.

6.4 Ensure that HR governance and management frameworks are in place to support a highperforming, 安全和负责任的劳动力队伍.


  • 员工满意度高.
  • Improved positive employer brand recognition.
  • Metrics established with improved workforce diversity participation rates.




The Strategic 计划 identifies Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each of the six goals. 全年将会检讨这些主要绩效指标的表现,并向本局汇报,以监察在实现这些指标方面的进展.

针对六个战略计划目标的每一个战略所实施的举措将在大学的顶层计划-学术计划(机会和就业能力目标)中确定。, 研究计划(研究影响目标), 参与计划(参与目标)和企业计划(基础设施、人员和文化目标). 还将提名顶层计划指标(tlpi)的额外措施,以实现更详细的绩效监测.


学院和学系亦会为理大各组织范畴制定具体的年度行动计划,以展示学院/学系将如何支援策略性计划和最高级别计划的推行. Progress on these action plans will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis.

这些计划的基础是个别工作人员的工作表现规划和检讨程序,以确保个别工作人员的工作表现与发展相一致, 工作区域计划和优先级, top level plans and the University’s Strategic 计划.